“Improving your quality of life”

I would 100% recommend the Kerry Dry Eye Clinic. My dry eye symptoms used to be drive me crazy and really affect my quality of life. I have completed the 3 recommended sessions of treatment and my 60 day review scan. My eyes are functioning 100%. I am now symptom free and the difference is unbelievable. My dry eye has improved dramatically even after the 1st session. For anyone suffering with dry eye I would say to them do not hesitate in getting this treatment. The results are unbelievable and I feel like I have new eyes.

Julie Ann W.


Eyes are brilliant, no more tears. Well worth doing. Great attention given. Thanks for everything

Mary Quirke.


Came in to the Kerry Dry Eye Clinic with severe irritated eyes. I received the analysis where I was shown the results of my dry eye analysis. It is amazing to see your eyes and exactly where the dry eye was affecting them. The options were presented to me for me to think about and choose what was best for me. There was no sales pushed or anything of the sort. It was very refreshing to have my needs put before anything. I decided to go for the treatment, there and then, but Niall insisted for me to take 24 hrs or so to reflect on all the information and then decide. So I did and still decided to go ahead with the treatment. I felt so comfortable and most of all I was been listened to. On completion of the 3 treatment sessions I had my review on day 60. I was already delighted with how my eyes felt and how I wasn’t thinking about them anymore, but it was very reassuring to see my before and after analysis.

I can’t thank Niall and team enough, as I have a new lease of life with my eyes now.

I would strongly recommend to anyone who thinks or has dry eye to contact Niall and team at the Kerry dry eye Clinic and book an appointment.

Margaret L McCarthy.


Before I had treatment I used to have to stop the car mid trip when driving to dry my eyes, which is vert frustrating. I no longer have that issue and would highly recommend this treatment.

I am very happy with the results and the staff who could not have been nicer, which made the whole experience so relaxed. Thank you.

Maurice K.


Very happy with the treatment. Delighted I made the decision to attend The Kerry Dry Eye Clinic with Niall. This treatment has made such a difference to my eyes, its great to wake up every morning without that feeling of grit in my eyes. I would 100% recommend this treatment to anyone suffering with dry eye. Niall and the team are so professional and friendly it was a joy to complete treatment course.

Thanks again

Josephine C.


Great service. Pleasant and professional staff. Valuable advice. Delighted with the care and attention I received during my treatments. I would highly recommend Niall and the Kerry dry Eye Clinic.

Maryanne O’ S.


When I came in first my eyes were sensitive to light and the tears in my eyes would sting a lot. After the dry eye treatment the sensitivity to light and stinging tears is gone. I am delighted with the results.

I would highly recommend The Kerry Dry Eye Clinic. Keep doing what ye are doing!

Brian Fitz.


The best thing I have done. Delighted and very happy with my treatment and experience. I am now pain free. A  big thank you Niall.

Lillian Daly


I have been suffering with my eyes for a number of years. Heard about the dry eye clinic on radio Kerry. I rang in May and made an appointment. The earliest I could get an appointment was September. I started the dry eye treatment after my analysis the same month. And today 11th November I completed my 3 sessions and review and the results are outstanding. I have zero dry eye, for the past 60 days Niall has always been on hand if and when I needed anything. The professionalism demonstrated attention to detail has made for a brilliant experience. Thank you to Niall and team for all your help and kindness.

I would strongly recommend The Kerry Dry Eye Clinic.

Derry o C.


Great experience from the dry eye treatment. Feeling great, big difference in both my eyes, no more water streaming down my face.

Thanks a million Niall.

Don’t suffer call Niall in The Kerry Dry Eye Clinic

John Barrett


I started seeing Niall in July 2022 and after my first treatment I noticed a difference in the health of my eyes and by September it felt like id new eyes. After years of dry eye and tiredness, gritty feeling when I blinked. I now feel like my eye are healthy and feeling fantastic. I can’t recommend Niall highly enough.

A huge thank you to all the team.



Had dry eye for several years before my visit to the Kerry Dry Eye Clinic to see Niall. After treatment it has improved 100%. Very happy and I would recommend this treatment to anyone else suffering from dry eye.

Anthony J.